Five Tips When Looking For The Best limousine Service

White and Black chrysler stretch limousine

Whether you’ve got a special occasion coming up or you just want to impress a special someone, there are times in life when it pays to make your entrance in style. And nothing says “style” like a fancy limo gliding down the street. However, as I learned when looking for limousine services in Perth, it can feel daunting to find the one best suited to your needs.

Here are 5 useful tips to bear in mind when browsing through limo hire services, to get the best price-quality ratio and make the best of your luxury ride.

5 Top Tips To Finding The Right Limousine Company

  1. When possible, pick a weekday.

Chauffeur and Car parked outside Western Australian Building in PerthMost limousine hire services in Perth are swamped during weekends, as well as during the summer months, which sometimes translates into higher rates.  Unless you need to hire a stretch limo for a weekend event, be sure to check whether the respective limo rental company offers weekday discounts. This might not only save you a pretty penny, but will give you the added bonus of feeling ever so slightly decadent.

  1. The more, the merrier!

Another option you should look into is whether the limo service charges by car or by person. With many limousine services in Perth, it’s the latter. In other words, whether you are considering hiring a limo for promo or want to take a city tour in style, you can do it at a much lower cost if you share this luxurious experience with friends.

  1. “The Price is Right” … or is it?

A useful insider’s tip when it comes to renting a limo is to ensure you get the final price. Some limousine services will expect you to cover the parking and road tolls, as well as the driver’s tip. These are, more often than not, included in the quote, but some services might have hidden costs, so be sure to ask in advance whether the price includes all the fees. When we were inquiring into Perth limousine hire we found the company offering the best rates, no hidden cost’s and a full quote upfront.

  1. Be on the lookout for red flags

Some limousine rental companies might try to cut corners in pursuit of a higher profit margin, so here are some warning signs that should give you pause to think. Check beforehand that the company provides proper insurance for both the car and passengers and that the chauffeurs hold a valid license. Failure to produce evidence of either should be a red flag.

Colorful Interior of limousine hired from Luxury Lavish Limousine in Perth

  1. Don’t hesitate to negotiate

Here’s an interesting fact: most limousine services will charge a fairly similar hourly rate. Differences arise from the type of vehicle and the extras you get.

It’s a good policy to email several limo rental places and get a clear picture of all the options they offer. Once you’ve established that, you can decide which perks you want to cut down on and which splurges might be worth it.

With these easy tips, you can zoom in on a reliable, quality limousine services and enjoy the finer things in life without fretting about the cost.