Your Limo Hire Service Can Branch Out Beyond Special Events

Transportation to and from weddings and other special events is the bread and butter for most limo hire services but these events can be few and far between during certain times of the year. Instead of struggling to keep your company thriving on the off season, find ways to branch out into other forms of transportation that allow your business to boom no matter what time of the year it may be.

Limousine Service

What You Do Now

Does your limo hire business consist mostly of luxury transportation services for special events? If so, you should take stock of what you do now to drum up new business before you figure out what you and your staff are capable of doing to expand. Consider the different kinds of limo hire services that you might be able to offer to your clients such as:

  • Airport transportation services
  • Corporate events and transportation for out of town visitors
  • Luxury taxi services for personal use by clients
  • Retainer accounts with high paying clients
  • Secure transport for high profile people

Consider your resources and what it will take to offer any of these services to your clients or to obtain new clients that will demand them. Think about the people in your area and if there are even any such clients to be found. Before you change your business at all, you’ll have to be sure that you can sustain it after the transition.

Get Started With Marketing

If you don’t already have it set up, use social media to reach out to current and potential clients that will need limo hire and luxury transportation services. This will help you find out if there is even a market for the kinds of services you’d like to expand to offer. As you discover more, you’ll gather information about who and how to aim your marketing campaigns toward. Use social media tools to see how your new programs fair as you introduce them and figure out which transportation services you can focus on and continue to offer as time moves on.

Stretch Limousine side view

Practice Loyalty With Old Clients

As you obtain new clients that want luxury transportation and limo hire services, be sure that you don’t forget the ones that have kept your business thriving over the years. When you begin offering new services, give them first try or loyalty perks like free or discounted services. They’ll appreciate the consideration and tell others of their excellent experience.

Find What Works For You

Introducing new transportation services to your business doesn’t mean that every one of them will work for you. Monitor the new services and find which one works best for your business because it may not be all of them. When you see what your clients want most, focus your resources on continuing those services in addition to the ones you already offer. The adventure won’t be easy but it will help your transportation business change and expand as new services become popular. Keep watch of what happens and let the best flourish so your entire business can do the same.

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