About Us

Justin AlsopLimo Trikes is all about limousine. We do our best to cover local limousines and international news when it comes to limousine.

Everything about this website is limousine. Others thought that we have our limousine business but we do not have any, the reason that this blog has been created is because of our passion for giving reviews and riding limousines. You can say that we love limousines to the point that we decided to create a website for it.

Now, for the goal of this website, we aim to provide knowledge for general audiences. Though there would be some articles specialized and design for business owners, there would also be articles that will cater to car enthusiasts, but in general, we will try to make our article accessible or understandable to a wider range of audiences. We will try to make entertaining contents, but at the same time, should be a source of additional knowledge that everyone can can use.

We might have started slow, but we aims to be one of the best website in the internet that focuses on limousines. This will be a challenging goal but I think I could safely state here that everyone at Limo Trikes love challenges. It might be in our genes, it could also be the reason that we found each other and became friends.

However, no matter what happen, we know that as a group, we will tackle all of the challenges just to provide you guys the contents that you deserve.

Well, we do hope that you have a good day as always guys, just like what we try to do here everyday. See ya!